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What we do

We help Nordic technology companies achieve global status. We work with small to medium sized companies and we contribute expertise in international placement of products and technologies, and business planning. Arctic Crossing was formed in 2006, in response to the needs of technology companies to expand their businesses. The principal, operating in the Nordic countries and USA, is Aimo Savukoski.

Arctic Crossing Consulting has built an active network of senior business consultants, all with more than 25 years experience on their special areas.

Who we are

>Aimo is a long-time global sales, marketing and operations manager for Nokia Telecommunications, where he circulated through a succession of high profile, international positions. He was brought in to a number of critical sales, marketing or operational challenges, where he scored many major successes: swap out of the Ericsson system in Telia, Sweden; major win against Motorola in British Telecom; building highly successful operations in Russia.

He has managed the business strategy for Nokia’s global base station business, and been responsible for operational management and coaching of Nokia’s regional infra sales and support teams in EMEA and Russia. Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark are his home area due close connection since childhood.

Most recently he was VP Sales and Marketing for Nemo Technologies, participating in its successful acquisition. Aimo holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from University of Oulu, is fluent in English, Swedish and Finnish, and also speaks adequate French, German and some Russian. He currently resides in Oulu, Finland.

Since start of Arctic Crossing on year 2006 Aimo has been coaching 130+a Finnish and Nordic high-tech companies in their export efforts by facilitating their product, sales and channel strategy. Most of assignments do include preparation and contacting new customers or partners in new markets. Addition to ICT companies there has been many Mining- Metal and Machinery, Health care and Building Automation companies.

Many of his new assignments include targets to find partners between EMEA, Russia and US telecom or ICT players, in management level.


References and projects

Finnish partners

Aarno Juntura and Heikki Koivurova, Total Design, Management consultants since early 90's with industry design approach on machinery and vehicle.

Markku Tapio, L-Fashion group, Frwd Technologies Oy, Intrumentointi Oy, Polar Electro, Edacom - Professional Sales process, operational Central European sales rep., business aspects of contract negotiations.

Ahti Väisänen, Nokia, start ups - Product management and Multi-dimensional R&D management, Process management. Contract manager

Tuomo Niemi, Nokia Siemens Networks, Logistics, sourcing and Product business management with latest knowledge. Contract Manager

Mikko Ahokas, Makon Oy consulting

Pekka Sarlund

Nordic partners.

Jan Erik Hedborg and Lars Wolf, Market Expander, Active management consultant team in Stockholm and insider interface to Swedish market

Claus Hetting, Denmark, Nokia Siemens Networks and small companies.Hetting Consulting As, Long term telecom infra consultant and writer, Our Danish connection

Russian partners

Alexander Mokhov, Russia, Mobile Operator management background, 3aka3 consulting, Our Russian door opener.

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