Arctic Crossing Consulting

life time experience in consulting; Since 2007

We help Nordic growth companies to achieve their goals and internationalize. We work with small and medium-sized companies and offer them solid expertise in developing management processes, corporate governance, funding and financing, manufacturing,  competitiveness of products or services in Finland, the Nordic countries and the world.

The tern is the only bird in the world that breeds in the southern parts of the arctic region and winters in the Antarctic regions. This makes it the bird with the longest annual migration in the world.” Like an arctic tern, over the years we've cultivated the connections near and far you need to succeed.

Gain Control of Your business and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed! Let us show the way.

Our team consists of most experienced professionals who have had a successful career in key business areas in Finland and in the international environment for 30 years, in both small and large companies.

Business assignments

Be brave and approuch us and let us help you succeed. Our iniatial meeting is free of charge and you will definately get a ton of new information just by talking with us. We really want to help you to succeed and thats we why offer only the best people to help you that have had success of their own

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Products and services

Product strategies and their business plans, product processes, innovation analyses, industrial design and product branding

Sales and marketing

Sales and distributor channels, B2B- contacts, customer process development, sales management, digital marketing and websites

Business development

Business plans, management team and board work, risk analyses, HR-development discussions, hired management, finance and funding, corporate restructuring, BusinessFinland-, ELY- and EU- funding, production, quality systems, subcontracting, purchases and bidding

Go abroad in your business

Market studies, target country surveys, competitor analyses, internationalization and distribution strategies, networking, sales and distribution channels, B2B contacts

Why choose us?

Our team consist of hard veterans of experts in various fields of industry. We all have knowledge and skills throught our  working experience  needed to provide best practices for your company grow in Nordic countries or internationally. 

Our coaching is based on management  methods and prosesses learned in large  international corporates, and which we can  adapt to small and medium size enterprices. We all have start up  experience, which smooth the way to define what is essential in certain phases of company growth and profitability targets.

Our core services

  1. Product ja service strategies
  2. Product development ja processes
  3. Business management and development
  4. Production, outsourcing
  5. Internationlization
  6. Sales and marketing
  7. Funding and business management
  8. Corporate governance
  9. Merge & Aquisition
Our team

Our experts

Business growth and profitability development programs internationally. BusinessFinland, ELY and EU funding, export and distribution, sales and marketing development, digitalisation projects, subcontracting development, branding and startups
Aimo Savukoski
Aimo Savukoski, MSc
Nokia, Elektrobit, Tosibox, Targetor etc,
Comprehensive development of core processes and operating models, role-playing of changes, organizational changes and development of CRM, ERP or other IT systems, productization of the company's value generation, strategic procurement and logistics, R&D and project management
Tuomo Niemi, MSc
Nokia, Medanets, Redamat,
Stock exchange listings in Sweden and Finland, project management and leadership, Business management, IPO-processes and roadshows, marketing, PR, Doctor of tehcnology. Entrepreneurship. marketing, VC funding, specialty in mining and leaderboard expertise.
Timo Lindborg, DSc
Endomains AB, Teknoventures, Sotkamo Silver AB, Kalvinit Oy, Lamidoors AB etc
Mining, engineering workshop and complex vehicle engineering for specific company operations and the development of all of the above. Product branding, exports, sales and marketing in an international environment
Aarno Juntura, BSc
Sleipner, Sarvis Totaldesign,
Engineering workshops and production control development. Project businesses, behavioral patterns, factory development projects, development tools and digitalisation
Hannu Käkelä, MSc
Organization development, digitalization programs, CRM programs and customer service work development, internal development. Organizational change management and its operational facilitating. Nordic countries expertise
Merja Lindqvist, MSc (eco.), sijainti Tukholma
Nordic Healthcare Group, EVRY etc.
More than 30 years of experience in the Finnish steel and mining industry in key positions. In addition to steel smelting and hot rolling mills, as well as mining and beneficiation operations, the special expertise covers supply chain management and raw material management.
Mikko Korteniemi
Outokumpu Steel, Talvivaara,
Kittilä Gold Mine
New business ventures and development. Cost effective projects, corporate acquisitions and settlements, IT ja digitalization programs
Jaakko Parkkinen, eMBA
Spindeco Oy, Tieto
Nordic industries, e-Health, ICT, Telecom, acquisitions, bio sector business development, exports and logistic distribution, start up business development
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Jan Erik Hedborg, MSc, Sijainti Tukholma
Nokia, Alcatel, VOC Diagnostics
Trade and project finance, finance structures, business development, customer management, service and solution sales, project management, business controller functions
Timo Tikkinen, MSc (eco.)
Skopbank Group, Tampella Power Oy, Skanska Oy, Nokia, E.ON Finland Oyj, Aberdeen Asset Management, Realia Services Oy.
Business process development, business development, product and inventory development. Founder of International startup "Valopaa".
Toivo Vilmi, BSc
Valopaa, Nokia, Aspocomp
Nature and bird surveys related to EIA, nature and bird surveys related to environmental permits, nature and bird surveys related to zoning, impact assessments related to Natura, surveys related to the condition of water bodies and assessment of the need for water treatment.
Arto Huhta, Phd
Mining and construction, with a focus in subcontractors to larger companies that work with development of new products. Networks in Sweden and Norway
Robert Forsberg, FM
Chamber of Commerce Luleå
Organisation of product development,
product development process enchantments, business management, staregy work ja leadership replacement services. Specialty in IoT, Telecom and ICT
Rauno Jokelainen, MSc
Nokia, Uros
Photography, videography, digital marketing, corporate visual design, social media marketing
Samuli Savukoski, BIT
Infinity Grow Oy

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Aimo Savukoski,
Aimo Savukoski